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2017/1/21· Connected it to the EGR tube, then connected that to the DPFE and now i can see that it came off and got punctured. Would this dammaged hose be causing my extreme loss of acceleration? Also would the dealer have this hose or do i just need to find a

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2015/3/15· Dealer Website: Phone: 502-966-2336 Year: 2004 Make: Mercury Model: Grand Marquis Trim: LS Engine: 4.6 liter 8 cy

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P1405 OBD-II Trouble Code DPFE Sensor Upstream Hose Off Or Plugged is one of the definitions for the P1405; however your vehicles manufacturer may have a different definition for the P1405 code. Please check below for your spe P1405 code. Reason For

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So the guy told me i need to go to the dealer for that. I called the dealer and he said it was some upstream hose unplugged or off. Check the two small hoses to the DPFE sensor. One might be damaged clogged or loose. If they are in good condition and properly

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These Ford DPFE sensor hoses are the right kind The Ford DPFE sensor relies on two high temperature hoses. If your DPFE hoses are damaged, you don’t have to get them from the dealer. Standard Motor parts now sells just the hoses.

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2011/7/23· we have a 2000 v6. check engine light on. ford dealer said codes p0401 and p1000 and wants $900 to fix. help:?: You need to give much more details into the problem. Is the car running properly? Are you failing emissions testing? Any other relevant information

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0171 Icant find the hoses you are taelling me about. can you tell me what the sensor looks like. The ones you buy now are rectangular with 2 hose connections, and a 3 wire

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2007/7/7· P1405 - DPFE SENSOR UPSTREAM HOSE OFF OR PLUGGED, From what I have seen of Explorer I would guess the upstream hose burned off the DPFE sensor. On the drivers side of the engine there is a tube coming up from the exhaust manifold to the EGR valve, there are 2 rubber hoses hooked to the tube, the top one is most likely burned off, often the port on the DPFE sensor will be melted also.

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2007/2/21· Downstream pressure hose off. Downstream pressure hose plugged. Damaged orifice tube assely. Damaged EGR Vacuum Regulator solenoid. Damaged PCM. had same code in our 96 2 yrs ago and it was the DFPE EGR Service Tips, Ford by SMP at

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2010/9/27· Most common causes of P0401 are defective DPFE, clogged EGR ports in the lower intake manifold, or maybe a vaccume line off or broken between the EGR valve and the EGR vaccum modulator. Also check the hoses that go from the EGR pipe to the DPFE.


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ford ranger fuel hose perks of an older car with loyal following hemi swap into my 97 tj anti-drainback valve question frequently asked questions (faq) your answers are usually here budget builds what junkyard parts will fit an xj what do you guys

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P1403 DPFE Sensor Hoses Reversed P1404 IAT - B Circuit Malfunction/ Exhaust Gas Recirculation Closed Position Performance P1405 DPFE Sensor Upstream Hose Off Or Plugged

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A dpfe valve that is congested with moisture can indeed cause an iregular idle but would not cause the engine to stall. Check Your intake for a vacuum leak,like a cracked/loose hose or a bad intake gasket.Also check Your Mass air flow sensor (by the air filter) and make sure the heat element is clean.

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2010/1/24· update so yesterday i called the dealer and he said based on the diagram he was looking at it was most likely DPFE hose. so, a little googling and that''s what it is. trying to find someone with the heat resistant hose to go there has been a bit trying. you would think

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EGR Pressure Feedback Hose (DPFE) Mopar 68038087AA $40.56 Trending at $53.95 +$18.71 shipping Mopar 55056711AC Heater Hose HVAC $28.17 Trending at $29.55

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Ford F-150 owners have reported 66 problems related to gas recirculation valve (egr valve) (under the engine and engine cooling egory). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford F-150 based on all problems reported for the F-150.

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You can get a whole new line from dealer for about $30, or u can just see if they will sell you just the rubber elbow ends. This happened to me, the rear elbow flattened out, so i went to dealer and he didn''t have the pcv line for my year,but he had some other ones for different years,the line/hose was different,but the rubber elbow was the same,so he took on off and sold it to me for $5.00..

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Instead, the piece must be cast out of aluminum, then finished off with a special chroming technique. Due to the rough and porous nature of the cast inlet, and the ability of the chroming technique to accurately cover the surface, you will sometimes see small pit-like marks that are actually just the shape of the surface of the underlying aluminum cast piece.

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2009/4/16· I put hose clamps on the first hose, but now it is blowing off the second hose. I''m not sure them off. they are special silicon lined hoses made to withstand the heat of the exhaust gasses. call your local ford dealer and get new DPFE sensor hoses. they are

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2010/11/5· Also the DPFE may have a recall on it as well, check with your local dealer or call Ford Customer Service 1-800-392-3673 98 Ranger, Bagged 2600''s in the front, 2500''s in the rear. 3 Gal tank. DJM Upper and Lower control arms. 2 Thomas Compressors (garbage). 4 linked rear with C-notch.

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2014/6/10· The tip-off is that when this part fails, it gives out BOTH CODES (too much OR too little EGR flow), either of which will turn on the "Check Engine" light. When I saw that I was getting BOTH the PO401 AND the PO402 codes in alternating patterns, I ordered a New DPFE Sensor right away -- because no other part failure or system malfunction will give BOTH codes intermittently.

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- DPFE circuit Low input Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI P1401 - DPFE circuit High input Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI P1405 - DPFE sensor upstream Hose off or plugged Nissan P1435 - DPF Re-generation (CRNT) Nissan P1436 - DPF Re-generation (CRNT) Vauxhall Zafira 1.9