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The DPFE Sensor measures EGR flow across an orifice loed inside the special EGR Tube. The orifice is positioned between two hose ports coming off the tube which are connected to the DPFE sensor with special heat-resistant hoses.

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DPFE Downstream Hose Off Or Plugged (Ford, Mazda) P1407 EGR No Flow Detected (Mazda) P1408 EGR Out Of Self Test Range (Ford, Mazda) P1409 EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid Circuit Malfunction (Ford, Mazda) P1410 EGR Valve Position Sensor

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Q: The car was losing power and just sounding funny that is when I found the burned up sensor. My car has an automatic transmission. Hi and thanks for contacting YourMechanic. The delta pressure feedback of EGR (DPFE) sensor was

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12/12/2009· hi guys i got a 2002 mazda tribute v6 duratec engine. the check engine light came on. my buddy read it and it said (p1406 DPFE sensor downstream hoseoff or plugged) now is this the actual egr valve or just the DPFE sensor, and where is it loed it woould be

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31/8/2017· I have a 02 taurus SES and the codes are P1131 and P0135 I''ve replaced the O2 senson bank 1 sensor 1, cleaned the EGR valve and replaced the gasket on the EGR valve. as well as replacing the DPFE and DPFE hose and cleaning the IAC but still getting the

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SPECIAL NOTES: It should be noted that some official Ford sources define code P1405 as “Differential Pressure Feedback Electronic Sensor circuit Upstream Hose”, while others define code P1405 as “DPFE Sensor Upstream Hose Off or Plugged”.

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Model #: DPFE-17 Internet #: 308356220 Our extensive part line means that youll find the right part with the right fit the first time, helping to reduce vehicle downtime.Expect the right fit and durability plus a great warranty to back it up.

DPFE Sensor Circuit Downstream Hose

The DPFE Sensor measures EGR flow across an orifice loed inside the special EGR Tube. The orifice is positioned between two hose ports coming off the tube which are connected to the DPFE sensor with special heat-resistant hoses.

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11/7/2007· Hey guys, I need to pick your brains here. I am having trouble with the DPFE sensor on my 98. It keeps blowing the hoses off and I don''t understand why. Notably it is blowing off the ''high'' hose Now I realize it didn''t have a clamp on it from the factory so putting a hose clamp on it seems

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27/9/2010· Most common causes of P0401 are defective DPFE, clogged EGR ports in the lower intake manifold, or maybe a vaccume line off or broken between the EGR valve and the EGR vaccum modulator. Also check the hoses that go from the EGR pipe to the DPFE.

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Broke the hose tube off the original dpfe sensor at 282,000 miles. not bad. Bottom Line NULL 100% perfect fit for my 2003 Ford Expedition 4.6L engine. Broke the hose tube off the original dpfe sensor at 282,000 miles. not bad. By John from Undisclosed NULL

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Some cars will have a large saucer-shaped vacuum hose attached to the top of the DPFE. On a Ford Focus, for example, it is in the centre of the rear firewall. The Delta Pressure Feedback exhaust gas return sensor is an emissions-related sensor utilised by Ford in many models such as the Focus, Crown Victoria and F-150 that monitors exhaust pressure changes.

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Vacuum Hose Diagram Ford Ranger How to connect Vacuum Hose on rear intake manifold Ford. Ford Ranger Questions Answers com. Where is the vacuum modulator in the transmission on a 90. Part 5 How to Test the Ford EGR Valve EGR Vacuum Solenoid.

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14/12/2014· I managed to get a good scanner and found that even with the hose blocked off the car enters closed loop. Not sure if this means anything but I also go to look at the fuel trims on a graph and noticed that while the hose is plugged into the egr both banks seem to be a pretty consistent straight line whereas plugging the hose off makes them a bit more "active" if that makes sense.

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EGR Pressure Feedback (DPFE) Hose / Pipe EGR Pressure Feedback (DPFE) Sensor Connector Ignition Coil Oxygen (O2) Sensor Spark Plug Intentionally blank Intentionally blank Related Parts LINCOLN > 1995 > TOWN CAR > 4.6L V8 > > Price No parts

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13/11/2011· DPFE sensor downstream hose off or plugged DPFE sensor downstream hose off or plugged DPFE sensor hoses both off, loose or damaoed DPFE sensor hoses both off, loose or damaued DPFE sensor hoses connected wrono (reversed) DPFE sensor hoses

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The DPFE sensor measures the flow of EGR across an orifice which is found inside the special EGR tube. This hole is loed between two hose ports coming off the tube, which is also connected to the DPFE sensor with special heat-resistant hoses.


I''d consider a bad DPFE. Just changed one out a month ago on the original #934 that I now have and reported as not being a cam failure. Have replaced three of these in about the last 1 1/2 years. There was an unannounced recall for frequent failures of these

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It''s loed at the rear of the engine drivers side by firewall. There will be two metal pipes coming off the exhaust manifold connected by heat re 0171 Icant find the hoses you are taelling me about. can you tell me what the sensor looks like. The ones you buy now

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6/5/2003· This is the most common occurence when the DPFE starts to fail. If the car is still running fine, I would disregard unless the light comes back on or the car starts running badly. 2005 ZX3 SES Liquid Grey Winter package and Audiphile package 2000 ZX3 CD Silver.

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