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Dorman Products - 46019 : High Temp Emissions Hoses. High heat resistance, robust rubber, and a double-layer design ensure that our EGR Pressure Feedback Hose recirculates exhaust gas instead of letting it seep into your car-or the environment.

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Open the hood of the vehicle. Loe the DPFE sensor, which is near the EGR valve, behind the upper intake manifold, between the firewall and engine. The sensor is a small square with two vacuum hoses on the bottom and a wire harness coming out from the side.

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31/8/2017· Re: 2002 Ford Taurus P1131 and P0135 DPFE/EGR codes Post by gerridale » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:54 am P0135 and P1131 are the latest codes. i''m not sure if this is live or not the screen says the following info: P1131 freeze frame data Fuel system CL-Fault

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Model #: DPFE-17 Internet #: 308356220 Our extensive part line means that youll find the right part with the right fit the first time, helping to reduce vehicle downtime.Expect the right fit and durability plus a great warranty to back it up.

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22/8/2009· Work around #2: Take the hose off the EGR Valve like shown above, except then pull both hoses off the DPFE Sensor, and re-attach the hose that used to go to the EGR Valve, to the "Ref" hose port on the DPFE Sensor. This only works if your DPFE sensor is

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17/4/2020· the pipe from the exhaust manifold to the egr valve has a quite small orifice in the tube between the ports on the pipe that the egr/dpfe picks off the differential pressure signals from looks like a washer stuck in the tube. when the egr opens, the dpfe is looking

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OBDII / EOBD Diagnose-Code-Definition. Mehr als 18.000 Codes für alle Autos. Fehlercode Definition für Code P1405 OBDII / EOBD Diagnose-Fehlercodes Definition. Wenn Sie Ihr Auto OBD II oder EOBD unterstützt, dann kann man schon fast 5000 generische OBDII-Codes verwenden ..

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20/1/2015· Got an intermittent CEL and DPFE CODE P1405. Is this just a straight out swap? Part costs about $60 off amazon or is this a symptom of another problem generally? Seems easy enough to fix, could be hoses, anyone got any experience of this issue. 04 EB

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The DPFE Sensor measures EGR flow across an orifice loed inside the special EGR Tube. The orifice is positioned between two hose ports coming off the tube which are connected to the DPFE sensor with special heat-resistant hoses.

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Last summer the hose connecting the EGR to the DPFE was blowing off all the time. We got the Main replaced because it was clogged and it was all good. Yesterday it started doing the same thing. I reconnected the hose, took it for a spin and as soon as i

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Loe the DPFE and pull the two hoses off the bottom of the sensor. Look into the hoses for corrosion. The majority of the time, the hoses become clogged with a whitish powder from the exhaust. When this happens, the sensor no longer sees pressure from one or

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Where is the DPFE sensor loed in a 1999 Ford Exployer? I had my oil changed yesterday and was told that the hose connected to this sensor is off.

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DPFE Downstream Hose Off Or Plugged (Ford, Mazda) P1407 EGR No Flow Detected (Mazda) P1408 EGR Out Of Self Test Range (Ford, Mazda) P1409 EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid Circuit Malfunction (Ford, Mazda) P1410 EGR Valve Position Sensor

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Work around #2: Take the hose off the EGR Valve like shown above, except then pull both hoses off the DPFE Sensor, and re-attach the hose that used to go to the EGR Valve, to the "Ref" hose port on the DPFE Sensor. This only works if your DPFE sensor

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Replace the hose if you find any. Step 2) Check the operation of the DPFE with the engine off, key in the run position. Using a digital voltmeter, check for voltage on the brown/light green wire. Look for a reading between .45 and 1.1 volts.

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11/7/2007· Hey guys, I need to pick your brains here. I am having trouble with the DPFE sensor on my 98. It keeps blowing the hoses off and I don''t understand why. Notably it is blowing off the ''high'' hose Now I realize it didn''t have a clamp on it from the factory so putting a hose clamp on it seems

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13/2/2011· 2003 DPFE hose blasting off after p0171 p0174 Windstar Car ForumsI ran the engine for a couple of minutes today and took a look at the alytic converter and it was glowing red. This was were the back flow pressure is coming from.

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DPFE Sensor EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor DPFE15 DPFE 15 VP8 F77Z9J460AB / F77E9J460AB F77Z9J460AB EGR155, EPS4, 5S2049, SU2108 $7.00 - $20.00 / Piece 25 Pieces (Min. Order)

No Vacuum on the EGR Line or the DPFE Sensor

The HI and REF hose connections are marked on the aluminum differential pressure feedback EGR sensor housing for identifiion (note that the HI signal uses a larger diameter hose). The differential pressure feedback EGR sensor outputs a voltage proportional to the pressure drop across the metering orifice and supplies it to the PCM as EGR flow rate feedback.

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If both the reference and DPFE sensor signal voltages check out at idle, remove the vacuum hose from the EGR valve, and attach the vacuum pump in its place, but keep the engine idling. If the EGR valve diaphragm is OK, and no exhaust gas leaks past the EGR valve seat, the signal voltage will remain stable on the scanner or multimeter at about 1V, or slightly above 1V.

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OBDII / EOBD définition du code de diagnostic. Plus de 18000 codes de toutes les autos. Définition du code Problème pour le code P1405 OBDII / EOBD définition des codes de diagnostic de troubles Si votre voiture supporte OBD II ou EOBD, alors vous pouvez

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12/12/2009· hi guys i got a 2002 mazda tribute v6 duratec engine. the check engine light came on. my buddy read it and it said (p1406 DPFE sensor downstream hoseoff or plugged) now is this the actual egr valve or just the DPFE sensor, and where is it loed it woould be nice if i could see a pic of

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Broke the hose tube off the original dpfe sensor at 282,000 miles. not bad. Bottom Line NULL 100% perfect fit for my 2003 Ford Expedition 4.6L engine. Broke the hose tube off the original dpfe sensor at 282,000 miles. not bad. By John from Undisclosed NULL

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This one has been in several times and keeps setting code P1405 DPFE sensor hose off or plugged. The hose is intact and not plugged. We started by testing the DPFE and it was not responding, replaced the sensor, cleared the codes and sent it out. Came back